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Ways to Keep Your Car Cool in Sydney’s Hot Weather

January 30, 2018

In the hot months, a cool car is a comfortable car. Sydney Wide Cash for Cars offers the following tips for keeping your car cool during the hot weather.


Roll up the windows and shut the door to the car may be great if the car is running and the AC is up to full blast; but, in the hot heat, the car will become a boiling box if the car is shut off. Crack the windows slightly before parking and locking up the car. Also, when you get in, roll down the windows to let the hot air escape.

When the car is parked use sun shades that will help block the sun’s UV rays. If the pocketbook allows, consider tinting the windows for the car which can help tremendously. When parking the car, park the car in a covered parking place, or in the shade.


The seats of a car, especially leather seats, can be discomfort when they get warm. Consider car seat covers to keep the seats at a cooler temperature during the hot months. Today, there are also air-conditioned seats in newer cars, which is an option when purchasing a new car. If new seats and covers are out of the budget, then cover the seats with towels.

Air Conditioning

If the air conditioning of your car is not functioning properly, then take the car to the shop. There is nothing worse than your car’s AC blowing hot air.

The hot months are especially hot for cars, and not only do car owners need to be aware of how to keep the temperatures down for the interior of their cars during the hot months, but how to properly care for the cars. During the summer months, the heat can be extreme, and it is necessary to properly care for the car. Check the owner’s manual for your car for all pertinent information on how to care for the car during the hot months.

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